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PostcardUnited Introduction of three (3) New Countries.


PostcardUnited Introduction of three (3) New Countries.    


Hi PostcardUniters,


We are please to introduce three (3) new Countries to our existing list of Countries.


















After much deliberation and consultation, PostcardUnited has made a decision to add the following three counties England (ENG), Scotland (SCO) and Wales (WLS) as separated countries. These three counties are listed as sub-regions (state) of the country United Kingdom (GBR).


Although the United Kingdom, as a sovereign state, is a country, England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, are also regarded as countries. The British Prime Minister's website has used the phrase "countries within a country" to describe the United Kingdom.


PostcardUniters have no fear we will not be deleting the country United Kingdom (GBR) from our list of country. We are simply adding England (ENG), Scotland (SCO) and Wales (WLS) as separate countries.


PostcardUnited members from these countries will have the option to register/verify their profile under the country of their choice either United Kingdom (GBR).or England (ENG), Scotland (SCO) and Wales (WLS).


For PostcardUnited members who are already members from United Kingdom (GBR) and would prefer to be members of their individual country of England (ENG), or Scotland (SCO) or Wales (WLS) can simply do so by changing/switching to their individual country, but if they choose to remain as member of the country United Kingdom (GBR) it is perfectly ok.


Current member of the country United Kingdom (GBR) who would like to change/switch their country to either England (ENG), or Scotland (SCO) or Wales (WLS) can do so by following these steps.


Steps to change your country either to England (ENG), or Scotland (SCO) or Wales (WLS):


1. Login to your (member) account.

2. Scroll down to Edit, located in the green column on the right hand side of your Profile page.

3. Then click on Address which is located under the Edit section.


4. The Edit My Address page will display, and then you scroll down to Enter Location and simply change the County, Region and City and click SAVE CHANGES.



It is that simple, you have successfully updated your country’s information.


Have fun guys and Happy PostcardUniting.


  • Yuri2079

    I still don't get cards to those new places! Also, with regards to generating address for sending cards, why i always get malaysia, china, russia, taiwan over and over again? Don't you have any other countries like from Africa, south america, and or caribbean? Cmon PU give as a surprise please! Thanks

    Posted by Yuri2079 on 11 Feb, 2017 Edited
  • Surinamegirl

    a very good idea to come up with

    Posted by Surinamegirl on 23 Jul, 2016
  • Suzie

    Awesome idea. I am American but have been doing genealogy and discovering my Scottish roots. I can't wait to get my first one with SCO!

    Posted by Suzie on 12 Jul, 2016
  • TownieEH2

    Great idea, proud to be Scottish/British and to have a Scotland logo. Options are good.

    Posted by TownieEH2 on 28 Jun, 2016
  • Alaskanpoptart

    This is awesome. More options can only be a good thing :)

    Posted by Alaskanpoptart on 27 Jun, 2016

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