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Can you Help Us with Promotional Items?




Can you Help Us with Promotional Items?


Dear Postcard United Members,

Here’s your chance to help Postcard United with Promotional Items, in whatever way you can.

What we have in mind but not limited to those about PostcardUnited




Postcards Promoting PostcardUnited.

Postcard Designing.

Video about Postcard United

Video with you saying/showing something about PostcardUnited or giving a shoutout to Postcard United

Anything branded with PostcardUnited

Photos of you with items showing Postcard United wording or item.

Any other ideas you may have.


Please email us if you have items to send to us




  • Fringe

    Is the photo uploaded broken again?

    Posted by Fringe on 02 Apr, 2020
  • Henna168

    The website auto registered about 82 cards I didn't receive them before. I log in about everyday. I am not the user that not log in more than 120 days. It's too strange and bad system:(

    Posted by Henna168 on 10 Mar, 2020
  • Fringe

    It is pointless to email you about promotional items since you NEVER answer emails we send regarding incorrect or missing I.D. Numbers. Why would I expect you to answer any others? Please fix this site before you lose everyone to Postcrossing. And why can’t we stay signed in? I get SO tired of having to re-sign in every time I come back to this page. Even after 5 minutes, I am kicked out. I would love to see you succeed, but you are headed for trouble if you don’t respond to members requests. Fringe (Gaye)

    Posted by Fringe on 09 Feb, 2020
  • Tengel27

    I agree with Maroussia. I had a long break with PU, because I can't get used to the site. Site issues that are annoying:
    - long loading after each click
    - gallery. When I want to check which postcards from my country have a person whom I drew, browsing dozens of pages is a nightmare. Some filters could be used.

    Posted by Tengel27 on 02 Feb, 2020
  • Maroussia

    Well, the best way to have the site promoted IS to have a lot of very satisfied users who will give the site address to their collector friends, and in my case for instance, that would mean encouraging about 40 friends to join Postcardunited. Unfortunately, I currently do not feel like promoting the site, because I cannot recommend to my friends a site that is so cumbersome to use, with the long waits after each click, the constant disconnection when away for a few minutes and the huge discrepancy between the number of sent and received cards.

    I think the best way to promote your site would be first to solve these nagging issues. Then of course, there could be articles published about it on websites and magazines, and such, as well as advertising with postcard collectors' clubs or groups and so on.

    Posted by Maroussia on 17 Jan, 2020
  • Sonataca

    Stickers and postcards are really good ideas. Especially postcards!

    Posted by Sonataca on 03 Dec, 2019

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