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Postcard United we Stand, divided we fall.


Postcard United is not the end of the rainbow when it comes to Postcards experience and exchange, we can assure you that much, at this time.


However when all is said and done, at least we deserve an A for effort.


We know our website is full of bugs, dogs, cats, ants, raccoons, as a matter of fact this website maybe better off being a zoo, but at least we feed the Animals and clean the cages, and when we do find the bugs and fleas we call in the vet which is very costly.


Why are we not fast as Usain Bolt ⚡ when it comes to the website speed and getting those gold medals for speed like him? It's true we won't be getting the sliver or the bronze either.


Reasons; A multitude of issues which can all be resolved with Money, we can't do it alone! Just to give you an idea of how things are, all of the income from donations and advertising for the last 8 months can only pay for 2 months of hosting and it's getting worse. We wouldn't even start talking about the fees for the vets (who are not staffs) which is all funded by the Administrator, not to mention the sum already expended towards building this website which was funded by the Administrator. No one receives a salary here!


Recently we have added a few additions for your enjoyment did you guys notice? We know a few of you did.


Did someone say we can't speak English? Why because of the bad grammar etc. Ooh la la. Then there you go, it's your opportunity to point those out to us, as few members have done. 


Why youuuu take long time to posttt On Bug blog???, reasons, it's the tomorrow, next week, next month symphony syndrome, aka laziness also most times are self diagnose as busyness. 


So guys if you want to see improvements before you can donate or join, it will be a while because the two goes hand in hand. 


Let's unite to make a better world!




  • Misia

    Yes, you deserve A for effort! Thank you!
    The website is not perfect but works fine and it is getting more and more popular. In the beginning it was very common that instead a new address, the message appeared: "sorry, there is no address available to send a postcard, please try again later".

    Here is the guess about your location - you are in India and/or Guyana. The longest users are some members from these countries and also the first postcards were sent between these two countries, back in October 2014.

    Posted by Misia on 26 Jul, 2017
  • Hasip

    Donations .... and advertising ??
    I do not see much advertising unfortunately and understand your problem . Members cannot be forced to donate and it is understandable that some people expect something in return and not just the badge .... even if it is an official " Postcard United " card by exemple , sent to their adress .
    Anyway for me the site is fine .... as long as I do not get too many adresses in China and Russia :) ... as they really are postcard-problem-countries .
    Good luck and happiness to all of you .... where-ever you guys are !!

    Posted by Hasip on 22 Jul, 2017
  • Biki

    I give you an A for effort! Thank you for doing all the work to enable us being in touch with the whole world!
    I don't mind the page is slow sometimes and I also don't mind your English isn't perfect, mine isn't either! ;)
    But maybe people would be a little bit more kind if they would know whom they're talking to.... Sometimes it feels a little bit scary here, it's very impersonal because you don't know who's behind this page. It almost seems illegal, because there's no Impressum as other pages have... Why are you so anonym? Which country are you from and what's your mother language?
    You know who we are, but we don't know who you are...

    Posted by Biki on 17 Jul, 2017
  • PostcardPerfect

    I would love to see Postcard United to be active in Social Media, specially Facebook.I see you already have FB Page but not so much activities/postings going on there. I would like to volunteer to keep it up to date. Please let me know via email if this is another thing you might want to consider bec I don't really mind doing it for free. But please bear with my English as well bec it's not my native language. Thank you.

    Posted by PostcardPerfect on 16 Jul, 2017 Edited
  • Quirkylady79

    Please know that sometimes pointing out things or asking questions doesn't mean that people are offended by it or making critical statements. I only say this because I know this post is in response to recent conversations about PostcardUnited. Sometimes people are just trying to make honest assessments or figure out how something works. The English is not perfect and that's okay--many of us are consistently working on bettering various language skills! I enjoy helping people with language and I admire anyone that learns any language in addition to their native one! I am familiar with both a level of Spanish and Bulgarian but...hey...both are pretty bad! The site is a little slow at times as well and that's okay too! It certainly does cost money to create websites that run faster and more efficiently and sites that host postcard exchanges are definitely labors of love and one that I appreciate! I still enjoy this website very much and like using it and I avidly recommend it to others--I even have my link to it on Swap-bot so that people can see it when they visit my profile on that site! I've made a donation here some time ago as well as I know it costs money to make things great--that is the world that we live in--things are, unfortunately, not free!

    I am more than happy to help you edit anything in English if it helps you or is of interest to you! I am curious, as others are as well, where your site is located from simply because I want to know who is running the site that I am using! Is that something you will share with your users?

    I hope this gives a positive light to any challenges! Anyone that aids in helping people make global connections is doing a good thing--it fosters love and understanding and we certainly need more of that in this world!

    Posted by Quirkylady79 on 12 Jul, 2017

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