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Welcome to postcard united !

        A warm welcome to you

We are most delighted and excited to launch PostcardUnited and are thrilled that You, yes You have joined us here.


Postcard United is an online community for uniting and building happy relationships between people from all walks of life around the Globe through the sending and receiving of real postcards. Here we are bringing together and uniting two very special elements, these are people and postcard.


We would like you to embrace this new age with us where we are combing two worlds, the world of People and the world of Postcards. Think of it like a modern day Pen Pal utilizing the virtual world and still connecting with people from all walks of life around the world by sending each other Postcards. 


Great News; PostcardUnited have reached its 250,000 registered postcards!

It's with overwhelming joy to share with everyone that Postcard United have reached a milestone, it's first two hundred and fifty thousand 250,000 registered postcards. Special...

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