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Simple ideas of what to write on a Postcard!


You are about to select to send a postcard, you all excited to see to whom and to where your next postcard will be traveling to, And, "walla" you got the information,  time to write up your postcard and now you are stuck in a daze and you don’t know what to write!


Ummm,” what to write, what should I write” and you find yourself thinking and thinking what to write and nothing comes to mind. Don’t worry nothing is wrong with you, it’s something that happen more often than you think, let’s call this a writer’s postcard’s block!



We have some suggestion as what to write on your postcard whether you have writer’s postcard’s block or not. Here are a few suggestions as to what you can write on your postcard.


1. Begin with a simple salutation/greeting like Hi Sam, Or Hello Sam, Dear Sam or Greetings Sam.


2. You can introduce yourself, by name and even share your age if you wish. You can say if you are in school, working, retired etc. You can say as little as you want or as much as you want.


3. You can talk about where you live, why it’s special to you, what it is like living there, what the weather like, your favorite season and why. Histrionic places or facts of your country or famous people there, the possibility are endless.


4. You can write the date; the day, the month and the year on the postcard and even the exact time you are writing the postcard, and you can share the current temperature of your location, you might be in the autumn season and your postcard maybe travelling to someone in the tropical country.


5. You can write about your family/friend why there are special to you. You can write about a special family/ friend, write about a special occasion like your/family/friend birthday or wedding or the birth of a child etc. Or if you notice in the member’s profile that you are sending the postcard to, that they will be celebrating their birthday soon, wish them a happy birthday.


6. You can share something funny, either something that happen to you or someone you know, maybe it’s something your wife or husband or parents or grandkids or friends said, laughter is contagious 😂 and a good exercise for the heart and the brain.


7. Also you can share something that’s sad, maybe the death of a pet or love ones, whether it’s just to have a shoulder and a postcard to lean on, Sharing is the best form of medicine.


8. Write about a past event maybe a concert you had attended or a postcard/stamp show or write on an upcoming event that you will be attending.


9. You can write about the special vacation you had or about a vacation you are planning for in the future. Or you can write about unique experiences you had if you have lived in a different country.


10. Writing about your favorite sport and why you love it, maybe your favorite sport team. Or if you are part of a team- write about your team and the type of sport you’re part of.


11. Write about your favorite food, food you like to eat or food you like to cook, share a recipe if possible. Or write about your favorite restaurant.


12. Write about your pets, pets that you have or had once, write why they were the coolest pet and why they are so special to you, if they had a funny name or did special tricks.


13. Write about your hobbies, what you like to do in your spare time even if it’s writing up postcards or receiving postcards. And maybe you can even give the reasons why you enjoy your special hobbies.


14. Write something that you are passionate about, maybe a charitable organization you are a part of or an awareness group you are member of.


15. Write about special friendship and connection you have made right here on


16. Write about your favorite holiday, state the reasons why it’s your favorite holiday and you can even share how you celebrate your favorite holiday.


17. When you have finish writing up your postcard message, you can write or sign your name so that the member receiving your postcard knows who it is coming from. And if you wish to you can end it by writing our greeting tagline Happy Postcard Uniting or like this PostcardUniting either way.


The possibilities are endless as to what you can write on your postcard, on the postcard that will be soon travelling to an eager PostcardUnited member just like yourself, awaiting patiently to receive it.


A friendly reminder, please don’t forget to write the postcard ID on your postcard, this is a very important step. Also, please DO NOT use profanity when writing up your postcard, this is prohibited. We are here to Unite the World through Postcard exchange, let’s share with love and kindness.


Remember a postcard is just a postcard, but when you take your time to hand carve ink on to a Postcard, you give it LIFE.


It’s your words, your handwriting (or your typing) into motion, your testimony of your life and your existence, so don’t be afraid to share your story or say you don’t know what to write, write something memorable and remember it will be unique to you. Your Postcard takes a completely new form when you write it, it simply becomes ALIVE.


As a PostcardUniter (member of PostcardUntied) you can share by commenting below, with your simple ideas of what to write on a Postcard for your fellow PostcardUniters, who maybe be inclined to new ideas or who might be having a writer’s postcard’s block!


  • Amit


    Posted by Amit on 17 Dec, 2017
  • Alaskanpoptart

    Thanks for a great post! I've been Postcrossing/PostcardUniting for several years, and I've definitely found that some postcards are easier to write than others! :) These are all great tips!

    Posted by Alaskanpoptart on 09 Dec, 2017

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