Free Pack of Postcards for Peace

Free Pack of Postcards for Peace

Through special events and acts of remembrance, we recognize the sacrifices our Veterans made.

Postcards for Peace provides an opportunity to send postcards to express messages of thanks to those who served Canada in times of war, military conflict and peace or to still-serving Canadian Armed Forces members. This learning activity allows you to actively remember the sacrifices and achievements of Canadian Veterans.

In collaboration with PostcardUnited and Veterans Affairs Canada, we will send a pack of Postcards for Peace (until closed) to members who take a moment to make a comment below to thank a veteran and or share a story of what remembrance day means to you (hurry, supplies are running low). (Ships worldwide for free/Expédié gratuitement dans le monde entire.)

Par le biais d’événements spéciaux et d’actes de commémoration, nous reconnaissons les sacrifices consentis par nos anciens combattants.

Cartes postales pour la paix offre la possibilité d’envoyer des cartes postales pour exprimer des messages de remerciement à ceux qui ont servi le Canada en temps de guerre, de conflit militaire et de paix ou aux membres encore en service des Forces armées canadiennes. Cette activité d’apprentissage vous permet de vous souvenir activement des sacrifices et des réalisations des vétérans canadiens.

En collaboration avec PostcardUnited et Anciens Combattants Canada,

nous enverrons un paquet de cartes postales pour la paix (jusqu’à la fermeture) aux membres qui prennent un moment pour faire un commentaire ci-dessous pour remercier un ancien combattant et/ou partager une histoire de ce que signifie le jour du Souvenir pour vous (dépêchez-vous, les fournitures s’épuisent). (Expédié gratuitement dans le monde entier.)


  • Thank you for your service to this country. Your bravery, sacrifice, and strength do not go unnoticed, and we will always be indebted to you and your family for all that you have given to the country. I would like to thank you very much for your service! Thank you for your time, bravery, and sacrifice for this country.

  • I reply from overseas and I have no in-depth knowledge of it.
    But I am happy to participate and I would be happy to send one or more postcards for the occasion in my turn.
    I thank P.c.U. and Veterans Affairs Canada

  • As someone who lost several family members in World War II, I am grateful to those who came to Europe to fight against the Nazis and their allies to put an end to that horrific part of history.

  • We hope one day to see all the Countries in peace, there is no Army in Costa Rica, we live in peace and harmony with everybody. Veterans love their Countries,
    Postcardunited is the best.

  • Wow ! I’ll be happy to receive this card from mr country. We all dream of a world and peace. Every little action is a beginning. We have to stay strond !

  • Remembrance is remembering. And we should always remember and pay tribute to those who contributed to keeping peace and paid the highest price. Still, the world would be a better place if there would be no need for any one or any force “to fight for peace” or “to keep it”.
    Thus remembering, let’s remember and hope for a our world to be a better place for all people.
    Jack from Krakow.

  • It’s a great thing to try to keep peace back to corners of the world you may have never heared from before. A little light in the darkness of crizes and war.

  • I want to say Thank you to all peacekeepers, much love from me sending from the other part of the world. Special Thanks to Postcard United and Veterans Affairs Canada.

  • During my professional training, school lessons were interrupted every day at 12 noon and a church bell was rung for peace. Then we sang another song. Our teachers said peace is not only the absence of war but also the presence of God. Peace, love, faith, hope, dignified life and health for everyone wish Markus and his dear Mama Karin

  • As a former soldier and interim civilian employee in the military of a NATO member country, I appreciate active duty, but especially veterans.
    Therefore, also from me respectable greetings and thanks to the comrades in Canada including the veterans and their organizations.

  • What a great chance to say THANKS to Canadian Veterans. A page of local history that I have missed as a science student until recent years. Canadian soldiers actually engaged in a battle to defend the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong against a Japanese attack during WWII. They showed the courage of veterans. Though they were facing a battle that was impossible to win, they refused to surrender. Many of them were sacrificed or became prisoners of war and were tortured cruelly. They could not reach their homeland ever again. Thank you for defending Hong Kong!

  • What a great initiative to pay respect to the Canadian Veterans!
    Thank you to all the soldiers for keeping peace in the Balkans and giving us the opportunity to live the life we like! Thanks for reminding us what is important!

  • This is really great opportunity. I think that commemorating war veterans is very important. They are people, who really knows what is happening during the wars and can tell it to all of us. Most of us are just sitting safely at homes and reading news about the horrible things. Personal talk and shared experience is something that can completely change our point of view.

    My big thank is coming to all veterans that were fighting for restoring or creating peace between nations and are able to reffer about it. I think that is is much more important now, when the war in Europe between Ukraine and Russia is occuring.

  • Having 3 family members that served in the military I always try to help any veterans. I thank you all for your service and pray for peace for all nations.

  • My family is made of people who serve their country, hence I want to personally thank all veterans, who always put others first, for the betterment of all. Your servitude is not forgotten.

  • As a Korean who experienced a severe war just decades ago, I know the importance of keeping peace. Thank you for your service, veterans and also thanks for making such a meaningful project, PU team!

  • Ahimsa Paramo Dharmo!
    Non-Violence is highest virtue in life.
    Thank you all veterans for ensuring that we strive to live in peace.

    Tushar Sonje
    Pune, India

  • Canada has done so much to help protect the right of people all over the world to live their lives in peace and safety from war and violence. Thank you to the brave men and women doing this important work!

  • This is a wonderful thing to do! My husband served in the U.S. Air Force for 26 years and flew missions over the White House after 9/11. Until then, he served in Afghanistan and elsewhere in war torn countries. We need peace now more than ever for this planet.

  • I have never experienced war, but I am very afraid of war, especially the recent Russia-Ukraine war, which I feel is a disaster for civilians. I hope there will be no war in the world, I hope everyone will be better, and finally, I hope PU friends everything goes well!!!

  • Greetings from China, every person who devoted themselves to yearning for peace deserves to be remembered by us. Although wars seem far away from us, all of us should make the advocating for peace heard. Thank you Postcardunited, Veterans Affairs Canada and the heroes.

  • Greetings from the Czech Republic. Canada is far from us, however, we all remember what happened through TV documents. We would like to thank to all veterans for your service and everything you have done, you are still heroes for us. We all appreciate that. Thank you.

  • “At the going down of the sun and in the morning
    We will remember them.” – (part of The Ode).
    Defending freedom comes at a high price. Thank you for your service and ultimate sacrifice.
    Lest we forget.

  • Being born and raised and currently living in what is considered Military City USA, the service that was given by these veterans is much appreciated. I have several relatives who have served in different branches of the military. Thank you all for the sacrifice and service to ensure our freedom.

  • Greetings from Brazil. We must all promote world peace and treat each other as our brothers, regardless of which country you are we are all one world. thank you postcardunited.

  • To all the veterans who sacrifice so much in order to keep others safe, I thank you all with all of my heart and truly admire all that you have down while serving and for everything that you continue to do now to serve your country!!!

    To me, remembrance means to embrace all the sacrifices that veterans have made while in service. It also means to take the time to thank a veteran and listen to all of their stories that they are willing to share! We must always remember that it is due to veterans and those who are in active service, that we remain safe in our homeland. Thus, it is vital to acknowledge veterans and those in active service because they gave up so much of themselves, for the soul purpose of helping others. It is truly a beautiful and admirable decision!

    If I am one of the lucky few to send out some of your postcards, I would be honored to send them all over the world to bring more attention to your cause!

    Thank you very much!!!

  • Thank you to everyone who found the courage and strength to fight for peace and for people who cannot fight alone. Thank you for all the homes and children saved. Thank you for all those who fought, but did not live to see victory and peace. Honor to their memory. Markéta (Czech republic)

  • Hello from China. Thanks to all veterans done for the peace. And thanks to PostcardUnited this warm and meaningful gesture.

  • Thank you everyone for your service. Peace is what every human being deserves.
    War is something that every civilized person is afraid of, and you help us avoid it with your work.
    God bless you all!

  • I come from another country. Just the same, I thank you for your service. My grandfather was a veteran during World War II. He wanted peace for his home country and for his host country. His service brought honor to the family and made a lasting impact in the course of history. May your service leave behind a legacy of peace to the world.

  • It is very important to express respect and gratitude to all war veterans for their military and labor exploits. Look around – there are so few veterans left! They need our help and support. Honor and respect for veterans is the sacred duty of everyone. We must know, remember, appreciate and cherish the memory of those who, without hesitation, gave their lives for peace and for a brighter future.

  • We in Malaysia recently celebrated our 65th National Day on the 31st of August 2022. It was a day to remember our hard work in gaining the independence as well as the many battles that we faced to rid the country of the communists. One of my uncles was a decorated Naval Officer and another was a decorated soldier, who both fought with blood, sweat and tears to help clear the path for what Malaysia is today, a small peaceful country in the South East Asia. In Malaysia we honor our heroes by placing our utmost trust with our Royal Malaysian Police, the Armed Forces and of course, the highly distinguished and elite Commandos of VAT69. There are many more unsung heroes around us. May they always be around to keep us safe.

  • I want to thank any person who is has brought us peace. Especially people who have lost there life to peace. Thank you veterans, and the men and woman currently serving for peace.

  • In INDIA we celebrate our veterans every year on January 14th. Most families in my neighborhood have someone who has served in the army at some point of time. Thank you to all our veterans for your service and sacrifices so that we can live in a free country.

  • Hello from Sydney – Been a veteran myself (I served in the French Navy during the Lebanon conflicts in 1982 -1983 on the aircraft carrier Clémenceau) I help as a marshal each year for the Australian ANZAC Day march (held on 25 April every year since 1925 in Sydney)
    Thank you – Laurent in Sydney

  • Greetings from South Africa.
    I would like to thank the fellow veterans for the work they do in order to maintain peace and order. You deserve much recognition for your hard work as it often goes unnoticed.
    I wish you well and may you keep up the good work in maintaining peace and restoring ordering order whilst carrying out the tasks of your work
    I salute you!!
    Thank you

  • Thanks for all the Veterans for your dedicated service towards humanity in keep peace because of your vigilance at the borders we are sleeping peacefully in our houses.

    Season Greetings

  • I would like to show my deepest gratitude to those veteran who have contributed so much to our national security, the regional stability, and the long-term world peace. It is your dedicated devotion and lasting efforts that we can have a safe world.

  • Thanks and great respect for my three grand fathers who fought in WWII. The first husband of my grand mother died in Europe and she remarried to another WWII veteran. While my other grand father fought with the US army in the Pacific and lost a leg when his ship was sunk by the imperialists. We shall never forget.

  • Thank you for the service, veterans and thank you, PostcardUnited for such a great initiative. May world always be a peaceful place.
    Love from Indonesia.

  • I want to say Thank you to all peacekeepers, much love from me sending from the other part of the world.
    Hoping peace in the works to everyone Peace and love.

  • As a retired US Marine, Veterans Day is very important and a day that is celebrated! It is because of our Veterans that we have the freedom to do and say what we like! I come from a long line of Military Veterans that fought for our country. I served in Desert Storm, my uncle served in Vietnam and my great Uncle and Grandfather served in WW2. Thank you to all the Veterans all over the world for keeping us protected and free!

  • Sacrificing and risking their lives for others, the people who are not even their own blood. War is evil and nothing comes good from it but this special bond we have for those who fight. Thank you, veterans, you are the real hero.

  • Thank you to our neighbors to the north who stand united with us in fighting for peace and safety around the world. An even bigger thank you to those who have sacrificed in order to serve.

  • Thank you Canada! USA might not always be the best neighbor, but deep down we do appreciate you. Thank you so much for serving your country and keeping Canada free & secure. With love from California, eh.

  • I am proud to have my fathers medals with me . I am actually looking at them right now. He never spoke to me about the war or how he received the medals. I am finding out now.
    To all the brave service men/ women and animals who sacrificed their lives for us today. We salute you. Thank you.

  • I’m not a soldier nor a veteran but I really want to thank for your services as a peacekeeper, you sacrifice your life on a great movement of all mankind’s.
    I salute to you all…

  • Greetings from the United States! Thank you for your service, your sacrifices, and your commitment to peacekeeping. You are an example of strength and bravery and are thought of often. Best wishes!

  • My family has a history of being in the US military and so did my ex-husbands. His grandfather (my kid’s great grandfather) was at Pearl Harbor when it got bombed and survived until he was very old. My father also served in the miliary as part of the National Guard. Thank you for all miliary service to all around the world who protect their nations.

  • I’m not related to any military personnel but I do have lots of respect to the men & women who guard the borders of our countries.
    They survive harsh terrain, suffer huge mental stress, are paid less but still do it with huge pride.

  • Thank you for the sacrifices by the Canadian Veterens. Without their sacrifices, we wouldn’t be living in a better world today. Condolences to those who sacrificed themselves during the war.

  • Thank you veterans and a big salute to all those who have sacrificed their lives for bringing in peace.
    War is not a solution….
    We have only one life and one planet.
    Let’s all live in peace and Harmony.

  • My deepest appreciation to all the veterans who sacrificed their lives so that others may live and keep this world safe for us and for the generations to come. Big salute to your selfless dedication!

  • Thank you for bringing us peace. Your courage, zeal and sacrifice are what keep the peace going. Always remembering this feeling, I pray for world peace. With sincere respect.

  • We are grateful to have our home, spaces, lives safe. We can peacely learn, sleep, work thanks to you, not worrying about what’s gonna happen. You make us strong and safe and it’s the most important feeling – to be safe.

  • PostcardUnited administrator, today we got your envelope, ohhhh very pretty cards and surprise cards. Thank you so much. We are like in a party, celebrating. Muchas gracias.

  • i just want to stop and make a comment,
    thank you! to all those who have served and all of our current members of the armed services, the sacrifices you have made to keep all of us safe are not ignored.
    ” all gave some, some gave all” is as meaningful today as it was then
    thank you!

  • So nice of you to offer this.
    My grandfather served in the war in Italy and my dad somewhere in Africa.
    My grandfather was also a postman, so he would especially have appreciated this wonderful gesture.

  • Peace is something we can all get on board with. Thank you to all of those who’ve made a difference by helping people find relief from war and aggression.

  • Peace is our Treasure
    As Marthin Luther King said
    “Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.”
    March 25 1967, Chicago, IL USA.
    …America is a great nation. Let me say finally that I oppose the war in Viet Nam because I love America. I speak out against it not in anger but with anxiety and sorrow in my heart, and above all with a passionate desire to see our beloved country stand as the moral example of the world. I speak out against this war because I am disappointed with America. There can be no great disappointment where there is no great love. I am disappointed with our failure to deal positively and forthrightly with the triple evils of racism, extreme materialism and militarism. We are presently moving down a dead-end road which can lead to national disaster.Those of us who love peace must organize as effectively as the war hawks. As they spread the propaganda of war, we must spread the propaganda of peace.

  • We all embrace love and peace! I will be so glad to receive a set of those postcards in US. I don’t know if it’s to late to leave a comment for this, but at least we all show our attitute towards wars!

  • Peace is the need of the hour..
    A big salute to all those who sacrifice their time …life and dedicate whole heartedly in the protection of others.
    A war is not the answer to any problem…
    We can have solution to any problem when we talk , express and try to understand the point put across and listen not just to answer .
    I come from a land where great leaders were Gandhi ji….the man of the millenium .
    Gandhiji didn’t accept distinctions between ”just” and “unjust wars” – in his mind every war was unjust. He was firmly of the opinion that “war is not a morally legitimate means of achieving anything permanent.
    So let’s try to bring peace all around us.

  • All we need is peace. All what common people want in all the world is peace for themselves, for their parents, for their childrens.
    Peace is life; without peace life isn’t possible.
    When a new war start, I look in my doughter eyes and I hope there is a peace keeper that can save her if this happen to our country.
    World need peace and peace keaper. Thank to them all for their work; thank for life saved.

  • Hi All, the comfort and convenience that we are staying today is because of sacrifices made by our war heroes and they have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. We should always be grateful to all war heroes and veterans.

  • Hi All,

    every nation facing so many problems for food, air, water, so many things for living. war is not a suitable path for solution. only peace is path for Good Living.

  • Very nice of you to offer this. Peace is the only thing we all can get on board with. War is not a solution to every problem. I am very grateful to all the sacrifices that people have made for the life we live today!

  • We are all for peace! The problem is that the path to this world is different according to our politicians.The politicians of the world cannot agree among themselves in any way how to come to this world or do not want to do it. While some see their actions as bringing order and establishing peace, others look at it as inciting war. I am very sorry for all the young people who died during these conflicts. God grant that such conflicts stop on our land.

  • So nice of you to offer this. This is really beautiful.
    My great-grandfather served in the INA in Burma. Thank you for our peaceful days. Thank you very much! Peace to everywhere in this world, stay safe and happy!

  • My grandfather Pete was a veteran and I want to thank and show appreciation to all veterans worldwide for risking their lives for their countries.

  • Thank you to all veterans for all the sacrifices they made. I wish that we could all live in a war free world.
    “It’s time for us to turn to each other, not on each other.”
    “War settles nothing.”
    “Spread Peace .Not War”

  • To all the veterans who have served, there are not enough words of gratitude!
    War is like shattered glass. Once broken the shards of glass cannot be joined though everyone who is in a war torn land is left to pick up the pieces. The trauma experienced by the civilians and veterans are unfathomable, the scars left behind, not only physical but are mentally and emotionally tragic too.

  • Thanks to all veterans risking their own life and safeguard nation.
    Also i thank Postcard United to take up this project to honor veterans through their members. Now PEACE for the world is need of this hour.


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