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Postcard Image Uploader FIXED


Dear Members 

Postcard Image Uploader FIXED. are being fixed

By the way your comments are noted we will consider them thanks

Important Note: keep your image  2MB or less.


Admin yes


  • Kzswap

    from yesterday July 6,2018 can't upload images. All of them less than 2 mb, but when attach image and press upload button white screen appears and nothing uploadig. is it website bug?

    Posted by Kzswap on 07 Jul, 2018
  • Alaskanpoptart

    I haven't had any issues uploading photos (although I am happy for the increased limit.)

    For those having trouble, it's fairly easy to resize photos using the photo previewer app on your computer (Windows Photo Viewer on a PC, Preview on a Mac.) If you keep your image to 1200x1200 (or max of 1200 on a side, which for the aspect ratio on my phone means that my final image is 1200x900), you should have no problem staying under 2 MB for a photo unless it's a super high resolution. You should also be able to compress the image in your photo software if you're still having issues with the file size.

    Posted by Alaskanpoptart on 05 May, 2018
  • RainerErichFranz

    hello dear Administrator,
    2 MB is too small for uploading an image, postcard.
    Please enlarge the MB now.

    Posted by RainerErichFranz on 16 Apr, 2018
  • RainerErichFranz

    I can upload pictures of me but no postcard here

    Posted by RainerErichFranz on 14 Apr, 2018
  • RainerErichFranz

    I can upload just photos but not postcards, strange.
    Rainer in Germany

    Admin Note: The is Strange for sure what is even funnier is the fact that you have the ability to delete your photo after uploading and you haven't done this although it's your own self-image and according to you its the incorrect image.

    What you need to do is delete the incorrect image and search your computer for the correct image before uploading

    Posted by RainerErichFranz on 10 Apr, 2018
  • Kleineopeltante

    Viel zu klein...vom Handy kann ich leider kein Bild hochladen:(

    Posted by Kleineopeltante on 27 Mar, 2018
  • Faby

    How can I do for upload image?

    Administrator Note: go to your Traveling and Received (Located on the right side) click on the Camera icon you can upload from there orange indicates no image Green indicates image already uploaded however in some cases you can still change the images if it’s in green.

    Posted by Faby on 24 Mar, 2018
  • Dansaren

    I could upload my Cards today.👍

    Posted by Dansaren on 23 Mar, 2018
  • Halsza

    I not receive e-mails

    Posted by Halsza on 23 Mar, 2018
  • Andreia

    Eu consegui fazer o carregamento, após algumas tentativas. Obrigada!

    Posted by Andreia on 22 Mar, 2018
  • Susan34

    still same warnings... "height and width are out of allow size" or "maximum file size exceeds 2MB"....

    Posted by Susan34 on 22 Mar, 2018
  • Al2

    I can uploaded the image of postcard when I am sendingpostcard but I can't uploaded which I receivedpostcard :-(

    Posted by Al2 on 22 Mar, 2018
  • Al2

    still same warnings... "height and width are out of allow size" or "maximum file size exceeds 2MB"....

    Posted by Al2 on 22 Mar, 2018
  • Al2

    Are you sure? I still can't upload the image... (from TURKEY)

    Posted by Al2 on 22 Mar, 2018 Edited
  • VolodyaVA

    Thank you. It is working fine here.
    Yesterday we had a meetup, and i had quite many postcards to upload, glad it is working now.

    Posted by VolodyaVA on 22 Mar, 2018
  • Lytton

    I still can't upload the image. Please check if there is other bug.

    Posted by Lytton on 22 Mar, 2018

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